I then turned the laser on again and directed it at the second last object and it promptly vanished from the formation altogether.Brian immediately thought it was an aircraft and told Neil not to point the laser at an aircraft.So I think all you guys should buy cheap pen-style laser pointers, go somewhere secluded by yourself or with some like-minded friends.They present if you think of them, waving a laser is just a retards way of concentrating on up.
A UFO appears to fire a red laser beam toward Earth from outside the International Space Station, in a video excerpted from the live NASA online video feed from the ISS on December 5.One of the best weapons in the game, the Laser Rifle is the next step up from the Laser Pistol, and leads on to the Heavy Laser.The laser show appeared on December 5th at around 09:20 AM GMT on the feed from the webcam located on the outside of the space station.
He says that planes in flight will probably not be affected by the laser.Although it is possible that the ISS camera captured an extraterrestrial UFO, there are other potential explanations for the strange light and the laser beam.The article does note that pointing lasers at aircraft is illegal. And, if they are from another planet, aiming lasers at aliens is not smart.There is a line from 5:50 to 6:25 but it appears to be a wire and not a laser.
This is required both for the laser equipment, and separately for the show itself (site, audience configuration, beam effects, etc.).By shining lasers at airplanes there is the risk of the laser penetrating the cockpit and blinding the pilot. Jackson says.He says people who shine lasers at airplanes are idiots and should have the book thrown at them.But a more likely explanation for the unusual laser in the video is an instrument attached to the ISS called the Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS).